martes, 6 de noviembre de 2007


Hi there!!!!

Today we were not especting a windy day, but it came! Here you have some frames again from some video.
Yesterday it rained like hell!!!!!!
And our car is finally dying. The other night, we were going down this hill, it was fully dark (here most of the roads dont have any lights) and suddenly our lights switched off!!!!! just likme that! so we were going down hill in pitch black, with the brakes not actually working very well and the stearing weel pretty f***ed too. So I had enough...I was so scared that today i said "that´s it! we are renting a car". we look like cooks now with our rented car, but at least I dont feel it could be my last trip whenever I jump in the car! it was funny though, and the car actually was very nice.... but it was getting to its limit...poor machine.