domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2007


Hi All,
Today was a full-power day. First, early in the morning, my friend Charo and I went to the Bamboo Forest. It is super pretty and a very nice hike with a few waterfalls. Then, straigh to Hookipa. Kona wind was blowing!!! it was actually VERY BIG!!!!!!!! I wasnt sure about going out, as the sets were super big... but in the end, I dont know how, I made it out. I didnt do great, I was too scared to be honest. I was just running on the shoulders of the waves (soooo fast it was!!!! crazy!), looking always behind to see what was coming and all that, so I was miles away from doing anything relatively good... but I am happy... I mean, I fought my fear and made it out and wonder around looking, learning and getting into it. And then, to come back in to the beach was even more scary! i didnt know when the good time would be to come back, as i didnt want to get stuck in front of the rocks with no wind, plus when I was thinking about coming back in, I was watching all the big sets braking from behind...I was shitting my self!!!!. But thanks to God, I made it safely back to the beach. Sorry i dont have sailing shots, but as you can see, John was busy enough with his own busines! ;-) the guys were ripping!!!: John Skye, Victor Fernandez, Polakow, Levi, Baker, Ross Williams, Camille, Keith Teboul, Kevin Pritchard, Swift, Taboulet, Manu, Ferrareto, and more that I cant remember now... and then, in case we didnt burn enough adrenaline we went to hit some balls at tennis, i think i needed it to let the stress from the fear out!!!

All the best wishes to all, and lets see what happens tomorrow!!!!!!