jueves, 3 de enero de 2008


Well, it is still Xmas time in Spain, until the Three Kings come with the presents on the 6th (yes, here we are still waiting for the presents! ;-) so I am not spending much time computing.
New Year's eve was quite fun! Like always, I had dinner at home with my family and we ate the 12 grapes with the gongs at midnigh (a Spanish tradition). then we head to a party that a friend of mine organized. It was super good... nice music, all the friends there, drinks all night and food at about 5:30 in the morning, what helps a lot for the hangover! the only down bit was when we had to walk back home (impossible to get a taxi this night). Half and hour walk with my feet in so much pain!!!! ( I am not use to wear high hills, so I was really in pain!!!). but the good thing is that to start the year the right way, we had a really nice surf session right in front of the house. I hadnt drink much, so I was feeling pretty good, and I think a lot of people was hungover, so we were only a few out. It was glassy, grey day, but that made it look really calm and quite, a nice day to do things slow...
Now, tomorrow it is supossed to arrive a pretty massive swell (it was already pretty big today), and windy... so lets see what we get!
So, Happy New Year to everybody... I wish you all a very good year, with health, love, good luck and good things!!!!!!