viernes, 25 de enero de 2008



We arrived here in SA three days ago. Luckily it wasnt windy that day and we sort of could take it easy, sorting out our life a bit, doing some supermarket shoping, etc... the day after, it was quite windy. we went first to the lake to parctice some freestyle, and then after to Melkboos to wave sail a bit. My knee started hurting while in Melkboos, and got worst with time. this morning it wasnt better, so I satyed out of the water and I am going to the Chiropracter this afternoon to check it out... finger crossed is nothing and I can go back on the water tomorrow again....

the pic from the house is where we are staying... not bad, eh?. we are bout 10 people in the house...all the english crew!!!!! so it is a quite cheap deal in the end!
the other one is a clip from some video from the lake.

all the best wishes from SA!!!