lunes, 7 de abril de 2008



I started last week putting some weight on my foot, so with my physiotherapist, Javier Iglesias and the Sport Doctor Javier Hernandez we have started putting some little pressure on the foot already (they are the best guys to cheer you up and the best professional!!! check their website: . Also i started the gym last week, as the foot feels a lot stronger now, so far I have gone a few times and also swimming a bit, so I am moving forward but I still cant step on my foot.
I had a great weekend. I thought I could never say this on a weekend without windsurfing or surfing, but being injure teaches you to enjoy other things in life. we had amazingly nice weather here in GC. We woke up on saturday on the north shore with bright sunshine and glassy ocean (there was south wind so i guess down there was rough). but here i went to the beach with my mum for a while ( i couldnt remember when was the last time I went to the beach with her!) and we hdd a very nice morning. Then, after having some lunch at home, my friends picked me up to go with them to the beach, so while they were surfing I enjoyed some girly time at the beach. Sunday was also really nice, reading at the beach while my friends surfed, and after we went for lunch and watched the F1 race... in the evening i went to the gym to train a bit my body, so all good! in a way, this period is teaching a few important things... heheheheh