miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2008


Just before I left for the UK, I went down to Pozo to sit down and have a chat with all the kids that are sailing here in Gran Canaria. they are Philip and Kira Koester, Jose Estredo, Omar Sanchez, Pablito and Mortiz. they are from 13 to 17 and you honestly wouldn't want to have a contest with them.
The Spanish Magazine Fuerza 7 has been a while trying to get them together, so now that I am still not sailing but already driving, I had time to sit and have a chat with them. the interview will come out soon in Fuerza 7, and you will be impressed about these kids, no only about their sailing skill, but about how nice they all are, how much they love windsurfing and how nice it is that they are growing up with such an interest in sports and the windsurfing lifestyle. So dont miss this interview when it comes out.

Pics from Dani MIquel.