martes, 22 de julio de 2008


The last days I have been going to the South of Fuerte to get back into freestyle. It is been a big challenge. It is pretty chopy down there and I havent done any freestyle at all. But it is all right. I manage to pull some spocks and grubbies, and even though it is not enough to do a good result, maybe I can just enter to try to get motivated again to train freestyle. All the girls are ripping, and now i am a lot behind in the moves, but anyways, I will try my best. It is just nice to be down there in the turquoise waters with everyone.
On the down side, my shoulder. It has been really painful since a while ago. I have been sailing a lot since I recovered from the foot and now, the final call from the physios is that it is pretty inflamed. So bad news. I will have to take some time off to let the inflammation go or it could become chronic, and we dont want that. So I will hold on and carry on gently and do the event, and then I will try to stop for some days (about 10 they say). It will be horrible to stop!!!!