viernes, 17 de octubre de 2008


Today I participated in a congress about Women and Sport. it got me by surprise as i didnt even know i had to attend!!!! but anyways.. it was really good and I had the honor to be sitting next to many other women that have been at the Olympics and won several medals. very very impressive!!!! we had to talk about women in the elite competition, and two principal question is what we talked about: positive and negative experiences in your career as a women and why women retire earlier from elite competition. The result was pretty clear, the most negative experience from all of us was that sometimes we are discriminated from men in different ways and our medals and triumphs never get as much attention as when men get them. Hopefully this will change in the future and we will see a more equal society.
Daida and Iballa participated yesterday, but went also today, so after we went for a nice lunch after.
PS: i know, i look pretty dead in the pic, but i have been so tired lately! it was soooo nice to have a little break today!!! ;-)))