martes, 6 de enero de 2009


Ok, Xmas is really nice: you get to get together with your mates more, you have dinners with your family more often, etc. BUUUUUUT..... it is too much already!!! since i arrived on the 8th, there was always something going on!!! dinners with these friends, dinners with the other friends, dinners with this family, dinner with more family, new year's eve... puffff... too much!!! but today, finally, it came to an end. We had the last celebration of the Xmas with the "three Magic Kings". It is the day in Spain when we give the presents (not in Xmas day), and it is the end of all this craziness. luckily, we have been able to be on the water everyday, so it has been super nice as well!!!!!

Now, back to reality and back to normality!