jueves, 28 de mayo de 2009


Today it is the last day of the Clinic John and myself are doing in Morocco with Oceansource.net We have had some awesome conditions and loads of hours on the water. Some days we did some warm ups and stretching as well what was pretty good too for everyone to warm up the body before spending all day on the water. it has been pretty fun and it seems like everyone has enjoyed (or so we hope!!! :-)))
It was a wave clinic and pretty much everyone were really good sailors and they were loving the conditions!!!
We have been staying at the Bouj Center and at the White House, and it has been super nice!! Fetah, Jusef and everyone have been really helpfull all the time, and we surely will come back.

Now I still have a few more days over here and will be good to chill out here in Moulay. it is pretty cool place!!!!

Thanks Jusef and Oceansource.net for the pics. and by the way! i just found my camera back!!!! so will be more on it! this place is really good for pictures!!!