sábado, 13 de junio de 2009


Hello there!!!!

It is definitely a weird June. The wind is really on and off and we have only had a couple of good days in the last few weeks. Last week we had a few days of really light winds and super flat. but then thursday was all-right. the wind was really really weird, really northerly and super gusty, but there was some swell around and some good sets came through. I sailed a really good spot early in the morning with some friends. it was good fun but not epic, the wave was pretty soft, and it was really hard to choose the right one that would throw a lip, but good fun. then in the afternoon i went to Pozo and had a second session. it was also pretty gusty wind, but good fun. Plus there was a lot of good people on the water making it look amazing (Klaas, Victor, Brawzinho, Ele, Jonas, Vidar, Pablo, and many more!). Then friday everyone had their expectations really high, but the wind was even worst. so pretty much, it didnt work anywhere (or at least I didnt find it!).
Now the wind in gone, and the forecast doent even look that good anymore!!! today was even glassy in the North shore! definitely, a weird June.

My shoulder is pretty f*cked at the moment. Dont know what is wrong! will try to have it checked out on monday.

thanks ffotosports.com for the pics (Fernando Sanchez)