domingo, 23 de agosto de 2009


This weekend we had, like every year and organized by Marcos Perez, the Vargas Windsurfing festival. on Saturday we had the wave competition. and we had some awesome conditions. Good strong wind and decent waves. I was the only girls so i entered the men competition. I passed two rounds agaisnt the boys, so I was quite pleased!! the boys were ripping!!. Jaime Oshanahan sailed the best I ever seen him with big one handed backies, and Pablo Ruiz was too, but the final was between the Josep
Pons and the Pozo wonder-kids Alessio Stillrich, Omar Sanchez and Jose Romero. Alessio won! he did a pretty danm good double and took the victory with it! they did doubles in nearly all the heats! amazing! . then today sunday we did a race. From Vargas up to El Burrero and back down. pretty good fun!!!!! i hope i can find some pictures from the evnt soon. so far, a sequence from a vide and also some other frame grabs..