domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2009


What a week!

After the Animal Windfest, straight away on monday, we headed on a mission to go sailing with Timo, JC, Skyeboy and Swift. We drove for nearly 4 hours from Poole to Kent. but luckily we had a fun session. Tuesday we rested a bit, but wednesday, we were on the road again for another 3 1/2 hour drive again. this time, the conditions were better: strong 3,7 for me and we were for about 4 hours sailing!! so we were pretty stocked and the drive back wasnt too bad. thursady we rested again and friday it was Timo's wedding all day. super nice and beautiful wedding. But then it started a new mission. one of my best friends decided in that week that she would marry on saturday, so i had to make it back to GC in time. I left Timo's wedding at 23:00 jump in a coach from 00:30 until 4:30 to get to Gatwick, from there, a flight to TF South (no flight suitable to get on time to GC), from there, Dani Bruch and his girlfriend Caro picked me up to drive me to TF north to catch the plane to GC. finally I made it and was in time to go to the wedding, which was really nice... mission accomplished!, tiring, but worth it! And now, ready to go to Sylt!!!!!