jueves, 29 de octubre de 2009


Hey! long-time-no-see!

yep, I am in Maui already!! since a few days ago. We havent had that good conditions, only two freestyle days in the beginning. But it is ok. Some friends from GC are here so we are doing some touristic stuff. Yesterday we did the infamous Hana Road. men! the beginning was fine, but after three and a half hours in the car and still a two hour walk to do, I snapped bit. but it all passed away when we starter the trail to the big waterfalls. it was just so beautiful!!! . now today I woke up a bit weird, i think is the jet lag and the lack of sleep, so I am having a day in the house. looks like we might have some good conditions the upcoming days and I want to be full power!!!! I have put together a video with all the footage i had from the summer at home, but i still need to finish it a bit more. i will put it up asap.

I will let you know how it goes over here!!

See ya!!