sábado, 6 de marzo de 2010


We finally could compete yesterday in Fuerte. The conditions were pretty fun, with all right size waves (logo high??) and cross off shore wind for most of the competition. It was a pretty cool experience to be competing with the boys! It was the first time I sailed that spot and I enjoyed a lot. Maybe I hould have gone for it a bit more... Next time I will be more ready and know the place a bit better.

My team (Fabrice, Dario, Adam, Ilya and me) did good and although we are in 3rd, the 1st 2nd and 3rd teams we are all close withing 1,5 points!!!

Today, I dont really know what is going to happen. The swell is supossed to be a lot bigger, but maybe it is too west?? I dont know... We will see!