domingo, 25 de abril de 2010


Man!!!!! I am dead... dead as a Dodo as John says!

For the past couple of weeks we have been on full on photoshoot mission. And the weather has been insane!!!!! just really good sailing non-stop for soooooo many days in a row!!! Like always in the photoshoots you end up sailing loads, but when it is nearly all done and you can chill a bit, you look back and it feels really good. Plus like I said, we have had some really good conditions with many days with pretty decent waves!!! sooooooooooo good. Some days were better for me and some other days worst, but all in all, super good fun. Also it has been great to see all the guys killing it out there trying to make the best in front of the cameras. Really insane. It is such a good show. It looks like on monday and tuesday we will have a new swell that could be pretty fun! Cant wait! (sorry, I know it is photoshoot time, but no pictures for this post!!!)