domingo, 27 de junio de 2010


Ok. Here we go. Lanzarote again. I picked up Laure yesterda and today we will take the boat across to get to Lanzarote.

God, my expectations for this are so low.! I know, I know... it will sound like excuses, but I havent trained freestyle for about a year. Since last year competition in Fuerte I think I can count with one hand (ok, maybe with the two of them, but I would have many spare fingers!) the times I have gone freestyling. I have been most of the time through the year on wavy places, so freestyling wasnt even an option. I guess that if you really focus you can always find the time and place to practice, but I have to be honest: it is not on my list of priorities... but... I guess it will be fun to still go and be with the girls. plus, it is not like we have that many more wave contests!!! oh well... oh well... if you are a rich person out there reading this post, how you fancy investing some of your fortune on a nice women wave event somewhere epic?? heheheheheh :-)