viernes, 30 de julio de 2010


After some seriously windy days in GC, we crossed over to Fuerte like every summer. Although this year, we would only have the "holiday" part we normally have after the freestyle event, as this year there is no women competition there. A real pitty though, becuase it is really embarrasing for me to answer to people when they ask me "why they cancelled just they women? isnt that a bit unfair?" and I dont really know what to answer. It was nice though when one of the marketing guys at the event actually came and said that the crew feels there is really something missing on the event this year.

well, we arrive in Fuerte and went straight up north. Some of my friends were already there on holidays and some other working really hard to make the Cabos del Morro villas even better! we were lucky to stay there for two nights and I have to say it was sooooo nice!
Morros del Cabo Villages:

Sailing wise, we could only score one good sailing session in El Burro (Glass Beach) and as the swell and the wind dropped off we decided to head down south to check out the action at the World Cup. I only went the last day of the Slalom, and men, that's so good to watch! so much tension!! so fun! And why not, we also enjoyed a bit the closing ceremony for the Slalom sailors that night in the infamous Carpa/Tent.

Straight away the day after (yesterday), we jumped on a plane over to the UK. We have a friends wedding. Thank God for the charter flights that make all this "crazy trips" fairly available! it is weird, no matter when I come here, I am always cold! it is not that cold right now, but maybe from the contrast of the hot summer down at home.

I will be back in Fuerte in just a day and a half, and it looks like it will be some good conditions in the North Shore for wave sailing when I get there!!!! plus we will have our van all renewed inside so that we can sleep there if we need and hopefully we can fit as much equipment as possible without it being a total mess!!!!

ok... as you can see for my long post, I am in England and I dont have much to do. ok.. I stop now. see ya!!!