jueves, 9 de septiembre de 2010



well, a lot of people would think: "to the cold?? is still warm in Europe"... well... not quite for me! GC is still with over 30 degrees and the water is about 21 degrees! loving it I am!.

but it is time to head off to other things as the summer passes.

Now I will go to the Animal Windfest in the UK this weekend. It will be fun for sure and it looks like for once it will actually be WINDY-fest! plus thanks to Amy Carter and her FLOW initiative, we will have some chats for ladies that already windsurf or other who might be interested in starting sailing.. should be fun!!!

Then after I will go to Denmark, to the PWA Wave event in Klitmoller. Real shame there is no women competitions!! but still, I will be John's caddy!

and finally, we will go to Sylt, Germany, to the biggest event of the year. It will be the girls second and last wave competition.

it sounds like a good plan, and I will love it for sure, but I will miss home for sure.. looking into the positive: it is my only chance of the year to wear my coats and binnies!!!

Some pics to explain what's coming:

Sylt shore-break...lovely!

Animal Windfest bike show
Sylt Crowd

Sylt foam!
Sylt...just Sylt.