miércoles, 22 de diciembre de 2010


The other day I was invited to a ceremony from one of the sports councils here in the Canary Island. I thought it was like other times, just a ceremony, but as the ceremony went on, I realized I might actually going to be given a diploma or something. it turned out it was a Ceremony to award like the best Canarian sports people ever! I was really honored to be included in that group to be honest. There was so many sports people from so many sports, and of all ages!! it made me think that it would be so cool if in 40 years time, they do another ceremony like this and they still call me for it, it would be sooooo cool!!!
Thank God I dressed up a little nicer!. I wasnt expecting to have to go on stage to pick up the diploma thing, and I was really close to go straight from the beach! I dont have pic receiveing the thing as I was the second or third one going up on the stage and as I wasnt expecting it, I didnt tell John to go a get a pic! anyways... here you have a few! from after the ceremony.