domingo, 5 de diciembre de 2010


It all was going toooooo smoothly to be true. We had a veeeeeeeer long day yesterday.

Short version: long and frustrating day stuck at the airport.
Long version:
We had to wake up at 2 in he morning to get to Gatwick at 5:40.
Got to Gatwick South terminal = nightmare with the equipment because you have to get lifts to get in the terminal. With the equipment is not easy, and after the lift you have a looooong walk with loads of ramps: not easy when you are carrying 8 big equipment bags.
Check-in went smoothly and we got the bags through fairly cheap. Flight was on time, everything was looking fine. Boarded on time and took off. Ye, we took off, and were flying for over and hour and a half!!, then the real nightmare started. The captain started talking: “sorry, we have to come back”. Bloody air traffic controllers!!!
Back to the terminal. Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting.... Finally they decided to cancel the flight. We got rescheduled for the next day (today) at f*cking 17:45 in the afternoon!!!!!!! Not only I missed yesterday’s sick surf but I will miss today sick sailing!!! I want to sue them!!!!  The worst thing: straight after that, we see that the Fuerteventura flight right next to ours starts re-chekcing....WHAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!?????????????? But us, John and I, we had it relatively easy. We just had to get rid of 8 massive bags to be able to go to the hotel. Which in the end is hassle, but we could sort it out. It was so sad to see old people, disable people, couple with babies etc..,having a nightmare. Felt really sorry and really pissed off about this nasty-style strike. These Air traffic controllers are not making a lot of friends in society. I was sooo pissed off, because everyone around me was just blaming “the Spanish”: “like always.. These Spanish people...”  God! Wanted to kill or at least slap the air traffic controllers.... We were having a laugh, to be honest, but I felt really sorry for some other people...

Now, fingers crossed our flight is ok this evening.... I WANT TO GO HOOOOOOOOOOME!! I CANT HANDLE BEING COLD ANYMORE!!! I WANT TO GET ON THE WATER!!!!!!!!


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