martes, 3 de mayo de 2011


Hi there!!!

i know, I know.. my blog seems to be getting a bit boring these days... but I have to say it is not really my fault! unless you want me to talk about bouquets, flowers, catering and buses companies... which is what it has become my world for the past couple of weeks. no matter at what level, you always get a bit suck into the whole wedding organization thing.

But also, it hasnt been great. We got a couple of days sailing in the south, but I had appointments with one of the aboves, so I missed that.. then it was kind of chopy in the north for surf and nothing in the east for sailing.. so it is not I have been missing something epic. Only this morning I did score some fun glassy surf.. but here I am again, on the phone to buses companies, etc....

Buuuuuut.. I just checked the forecast and it looks like the trade winds, los vientos Aliseos, will come by the end of the week... I better get things properly sorted before that!!!