martes, 26 de julio de 2011


Hi there,

I am back home this week before we take off again on friday. It is crazy, in summer, when you sail quite a lot, I am always wishing for some days to rest, but then, it comes days like lately and I cant help myself but to get bored! I enjoy been at home and stuff, but it is Summer time! we should be on the water with fun sailing.... It is light winds (still, maybe 4,2 for me, but thats not summer, summer is 3,7 or 3,3...) and pretty much flat as a pancake. Still, I think I might go down to the beach and at least get on the water. I really like late evening sessions in Vargas... the light is beautiful there... maybe, if I feel "arty" I will tale some pictures (I wouldtn put money on it though! ;-))

Well, take care people, I hope everyone is having a great summer too!!!! ;-)