lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011


Finally it was a windless year in Sylt. But this didn´t mean we got bored there!

There were Tow-Freestyle sessions nearly every day.. which was pretty insane to watch. Then we also had another fun SUP race, but this time with my team we could only finish 3rd... not too bad though! God it was intense...!

Also, this year is the 30th Anniversary of Fanatic and we celebrated it with a nice bbq watching the beautiful sunset!

Then on friday it was the preview of the new movie from Andre Paskowski, Minds Wide Open, and all I can say is that I cant wait to see the whole thing and have it at home to enjoy it over and over... It is really nice to watch and it just makes you want to go sailing so badly!!

Another good thing this year was the number of girls that entered the event, we were 16, which was pretty cool. Daida was missing due to injury which is a big missing, but she will be back soon and I hope the fleet keeps growing with more girls giving competition a try.

Also, I have to say that in Germany you can find some of the best cakes I have ever had! which is not very good when you are not doing so much exercise! but you can kill an afternoon having coffee and cake at the beach!

You also have the party side of the event, which I guess you might have all heard about already... this guys I think needs a chiropractor now..

And finally we had the price giving... like always it was a huge thing with thousands of people there watching, which it is a bit impressive! Even Red Bull organized a plane flying over the crowd to celebrate Philip´s Victory of the World Title in Waves.

Like I said before, Daida was missing to pick up her winner trophy, so it was a bit of a sweet-sour price giving for us, but still impressive to be up there..

So ye... that´s it for this year... Big Congrats to all the winners this year!! And now back home for a little while... and then hopefully will have some nice conditions soon... like I said in Denmark, I have some nice new boards I really want to try and ply around with.... Best wishes to everyone!!!