viernes, 26 de octubre de 2007



I am in England since las sunday. I think England is the bets place for me to have time off the water. It is cold or chilli, so I dont feel the need of jumping in the ocean, I feel quite content staying indoors. So i like it in that way. I have been in the South Coast, in Pool, but we also went to Devon, where Tim and his girlfriend, Emily, live. They have a super nice house that they are reparing a bit, but when they will finish will be amazing!!!! we also visite Timo and Zani in Timo´s new amazing place!!!!!!!!!!! such a nice house and in sucha nice place!!!! Congratualtions for getting that nice house!!! We have also been painting mugs! I couldnt do this anywhere else in the world, doing that in the middle of the afternoon instead of been at the beach..So as you can see, England is good for me for a few days!!!