lunes, 22 de octubre de 2007


Last Saturday, it took place the Gran Canaria Challenge, a race sponsor by Burbujita where you have to cross the island of Gran Canaria fro south to North. It was about 74 Km, but up and down the top of the island!!!!! no, I didnt do it, you crazy or what?, but some friends did it, crazy people. They could finish the race, what is already a big thing!!!! well....actually, the only thing that really mattered. They started at 6 in the morning!!! and Antonio finished at about 6 in the afternoon and Juanito at about 8ish...14 hours!!!!! walking!!!! Manolo had to retired in the last bit of the race...such a pitty...but he was having problems in his knee (no way!!!! after walking for 12 hours!!!) well, this are some pictures from when they arrived!!!! Congratulation boys!!!!!