lunes, 10 de marzo de 2008


Hi there,
A few weeks ago I got an special phone call. It was my Phisical Education teacher, from my school when I was a kid. It was the Teresianas school, it was a nuns school, and I spent there since I was 6 years old until 17!!!!!!!! long time and long time ago.
There, every year we had a special "sports" week, the Olimpiadas, and every year a sport person did the inauguration speech, and this year, they asked me to do it!!!!!!!
It was really special, as I spent so much time in that school and it meant a it to me, and it was gonna be first time that and old student was gonna do it, so they were also really happy about it.
It was super fun to see al the kids and teenagers doing a little show, and it seemed like it was yesterday that I was the one doing it.
Then after I went to the doctor again. I got the stitches out!!!!!!!!! The surgeon said that the operation went really good, and that i can start doing some movements, without putting any weight o pressure on it, but it s a start!!!