lunes, 3 de marzo de 2008


Yesterday my friends came around to visit. They are the best of the best of the best of the whole world!!!!!!!! as i cannot really move much with my 10 tons cast, we camp in my bedroom for a while, eating cakes and drinking beers ( I skip the beers, not very good to mix it with the thousand pills I am taking at the moment). I think I am going to learn a lot from this injury. They are all amazing, I knew that already, but this is more than expected!. And my mum and my unties... unbelievable! they are even better, God! they made me feel better than in a 5 stars hotel! at the beginning I was al tense and sort of pissed off, because I hate to be dependent and to be asking people to do things for me, or that they just do my things, tiding up, dinners, etc... and didnt want accept the help. But after a while, when I accepted that I cannot (and should not) really move around from the moment, I am seeing more clearly how dependent we are on other people for everything. Now i am more relax, I am in bed and not worry about it, not feeling like I am been a slob, just accepting that it is what it is.
Normally I dont really spend much time with my mum, always traveling, and when I am at home I am in my place with John, etc... so we never really just kill time together talking a bit more about everything, and now it feels like I am a little girl again, like when I lived at home and spent more time with her, so it is really nice. They always say that everything happens for a reason, so maybe, this is my reason.
Thanks a lot to all!!!