sábado, 1 de marzo de 2008



Well, I am back home. I got into hospital on Wednesday night, to get the op on Thursday morning. I was shitting myself, about everything, about how the surgery was going to go, what sort of anesthesia I was gonna have ( i didnt want to have full anesthesia, even if everybody had told me that was quite nice "flight").
First they put me some sort of "happy drug" to keep me calm (it went straight to my head!) and then i got the epidural (I don't know if that is the right name in English). So I was awake all the time (well, I think i slept half of it without even realizing). They put a plaque and 5 screws... so I think that if it doesnt stick back together now, i dont know how it will do it.
Being at the hospital made me think a lot. About how bloody lucky we are. There was loads o other people there suffering from very different things, and it was so sad. Also, it made me think about the people that works in health, how amazing they are for taking care of the others.
All my friends came around to visit, what was really nice. You never realize about how important those things are until you are on it. So thank you all!
And also thanks to aaaaallll the emails i have received to cheer me up! it is so nice to get support .... you are amazing guys!!!!!!!
thanks so much.
So well, now I am at home. I still need to be in bed all the time for a few more days. Dude! the cast weights like a ton!!!!! but they say it is normal after the surgery, that they do it on purpose to stop you from moving around too much.