sábado, 26 de abril de 2008


Today I nearly went crazy!!!! it is calima weather here in Gran Canaria, with South wind making the north shore nice a glassy with off shore winds an nice waves. I can walk already, so it is even more frustrating not to get on the board, but they told me not to be stupid.. at least, not yet!. so instead, i went for some of my firsts swims in the ocean. It felt just great!!!! but it is quite tricky actually. you dont have a good balance at all, and the beaches here are quite rocky, so it was difficult to get on the water without kicking some rocks... in the end we found some nice little "pools" where we could enjoy a bit.. my friends helped me getting in a out of the water, so was all cool, but I realized I am still a bit far from getting on my board... maybe next week??? ;-) well, I got too jump into my new static bike John bought me to train a bit the movement of the foot... it is soooooooo bloody painful trying to walk on my toes! oh well... I will be better soon, I guess!!!
by the way, check out how different color both feet are..

and thanks sooo much to everyone that is sending me nuce supporting emails!!! it is so nice!!!! thanks!