jueves, 1 de mayo de 2008



yesterday it was quite a fun day. It was the Second Reef Event in Pozo, and the organizer said if I could help them with the judging. Now that i am already driving (yeah! freedom!!!) I drove down to Pozo for the first time in aaaaaages!!!!! it was super fun! really good conditions (the guys on 3,7 and nice waves), so we stayed there all day. Orjan Jensen won, but the level was just amazing!!!! Pablo Ruiz, the shaper was second, Dario Ojeda third and Luca Orsi fourth. I didnt have my camera, so I only took this one while judging with the phone. I guess i will put some more pics up in a couple of days if the wind comes back and they keep running the double. The kids were super impressive too. Philip Koster was just insane! and Alessio is ripping too, his riding is really impressive. as soon as he gets a bit bigger he is going to be super good. there were other kinds showing realy good potential: a very little kid from Pozo, Pablo, he was going for forwards on a board that was MASSIVE for him, and with those crazy condition... amazing. Then Moritz and Ole were also ripping going for backloops and forwads.

The other pic is from my friends a couple of days ago on the North Shore.