sábado, 24 de mayo de 2008


Hi All,

luckily,the conditions have been perfect for me, to start getting in the water little by little. not too strong wind and pretty flat, so no risk.
today we took our little waterproof camera in the water to have fun with the friends, and it was the highlight of the day!! we need to improve our skill shooting, but it was good to get some practice. It is not the most radical action, but I promisse you we had loads of fun. Little Philip (well, not so little anymore, he is as tall as JOhn already at only 14), was doing bloody doubles out of chops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F*CKING IMPRESSIVE.... you have a little pic of him shakking... he loves that move!
I am already putting my foot in the footstrap and it feels fine, even doing some small jumps. Everyday i feel a little improvement. I was supposed to go to Lanzarote to film for a DVD, but with a forecasted swell of 3 m , i dont think it is very sensible to go as i am still shitting my pants whenever i do anything. Yesterday i felt confident and thought: "well, i think i could try a spock already"... and i went for it, but not very confident, so half way through, just after poping, i regreted and tried to stop: bad call, i landed sideways fully pressing the bad foot against the footstrap, were my scar is... so I decided to take it easy till monday. new week, new challenges.... we'll see... I hope by then i can put up some more "action pictures". The conditions should improve soon...

here you have some pics from us...

have fun people!