domingo, 18 de mayo de 2008



I went sailing for the first time today!!!! well... didnt put my foot inside the footstrap so i couldn't really sail properly, but i was out for about an hour. So good to be back on my baby Fanatic board and have the feeling of my Severne SAils and everything!! so glad!!!!!!! The day was prefect as it was not too strong wind and pretty flat. It is such a weird feeling. You think you are going to hurt yourself, or that you shouldn't be sailing because you are going to get hurt, but I guess you have to go through that. it hurts sometimes, but it is getting better, and they say it is normal that it hurts and that it will hurt for quite a while. I have a long work ahead to catch up... but no worries, it is what it is and I will try my best, cant wait to be able to sail full power in nice conditions. One thing I realized was how my brain just switches off when i am sailing.. i can just be out there thinking nothing, just sailing, just being... soooooo nice!

Then when we came back home, there was an amazing sunset, so we went to the seafront to enjoy it. It is that time of the year when sunsets are at their best here in the North Shore.

Then, lastly, here you have a video about my last session at the Physiotherapy at Fisiodep with Javier Iglesias. In the last exercise, you cant appreciate it in the video, but i am standing in a vibrating platform that makes your work out like hell!!!!!! quite good for you though... best Physio around definetly!!!