viernes, 16 de mayo de 2008


They let me go surfing already!!! so I am loving it!!! (I love surfing, but i am just crap at it!!!) but just being out there is fun, love it!. Though yesterday morning i was so scared of hurting myslef again that i was shaking!!!! the hardest bit is actually to walk on the beach, with the rocks! we bought that water proof camera, so i took it on the water to play with it a bit with a mate... here are my firs attempts! great fun! and sailing is just around the corner.

but it is soo scary everything!!! after surfing and the physio and all the exercise the foot hurts a bit, and I always think that i will hurt it... but they say there is no way i could, that it is 100% healed... anyway.. i just dont want to be sitting on my arse any longer"