domingo, 22 de junio de 2008


Hi there,

In the end I decided not to go to the freestyle competition in Lanzarote. Though some people told me I should go, pretty much 90% of the people told me i better not to. I went on my freestyle board a couple of times, and even though it wasnt too-too bad, it wasnt very good neither. Plus all this months off the water put be behind the rest of the fleet a lot. So I have decided to stay home and try to train a bit more in waves and get stronger in the water and all that.

My God!!!! trying to sail Pozo this days is Mission Impossible!!! honestly, it is crazy down there. It hasnt been very good lately, so this weekend has been the best by miles in a long time, so everyone was there trying to make to most of it, but honestly, the bay its not big enough for everyone! pros training like crazy, locals hungry for the lack of conditions lately and a bit stressed with so many people at their spot, plus all the tourist that are one: way too excited about finally getting some all right conditions, two: overpowered with 3,7 trying to sail on a straight line and three: waaaaay too excited about sailing together with the pros= craziness in the water!!!!!!

I have been sailing couple of sessions a day, first at Vargas (a lot more relax, and to be honest, better waves and wind) and after in Pozo, god! how crazy was it. So i am dead!!!!!
I have been trying my new baby boards. Just two words: fucking sik! I got a twinser and a single. the twinser is taking me a bit of time to get use to it, but it feels amazing. to be honest, it feels much better at the waves in Vargas than in Pozo, but i have to say that Pozo hasnt been very good for riding these days. Today I didnt make it to the second session, I was way too tired (plus it is sunday, and if Vargas was already a bit too crowded i dont even want to imagine how POzo might has been!!!!!) , but i hope i can try the board there better tomorrow ...

sorry, no pictures lately, but too excited trying to get on the water when the tides are right....!!!

see ya!!!!