martes, 15 de julio de 2008



Dani Bruch has organize together with the OTC a clinic for next September, and we (John Skye and me) will be there to support him and help him out with the tuition.
What this clinic offers is more than just a normal clinic. You will stay in a 4 star Hotel, right by the spot of El Medano, with Spa!!!. you dont have to worry about food, it is all included! plus it is also included the gear rental from the OTC, which means that you can ride pretty much whatever gear you want. If you ever dreamed of riding xxxx boards/Sails, you will!. and, also, some extra activities, visiting some of the nice places from Tenerife. You see, more than just a simple clinic... it will be NIIIIIIIICE holidays!

Places are limited, so dont wait too much to make your booking. For more information, email The OTC at, visit their website ( or call +34 922 179 401 / +44 (0)121 288 9965.

I hope to see you there!!!