lunes, 14 de julio de 2008



well, Pozo is over. We did the double elimination, and i dropped from 4th to 5th. Snapped!
i had a bit of a nightmare in the first half of the heat. I did not really conected teh wave very well. Then the second half was pretty good, with some good jumps and the best wave of the heat. but it wasnt enough. I was against Silvia ALba and she sailed her very best. I lost 3-2 judges and by a point or something. so close! that makes it even more painful!!!!!!!!! oh well. no worries!

Now i will go to Fuerte on wednesday, to get some wave sailing in the North Shore. We will stay at Nicole Boronat and Steffan Etiene place. I hope we get good conditions. And then i think I will go down to Sotavento and enter the freestyle event. I wont do very good, that is for sure, but maybe it will motivate me to get back into freestyle??

Here you have a small video I put together from the week before the contest. I hope you like it.