sábado, 5 de julio de 2008



Pozo is already on as you might know already. the comp started yesterday and we started with the waves discipline (the only one i entered this year). I did 4th in the single elimination. I am pretty happy on one side but a bit sad on the other. conditions were pretty shity by the end of the day, but they keep running it. my riding was pretty shocking in the last heat, so i am very disappointed on that side. but it doesnt matter... Daida won, Iballa second and Karin Jaggi third. in the boys, my team mate Victor Fernandez won the men, he is sailing sick!, and another really good friend did second, Dani Bruch. I am super happy for him!!!!!!! he deserve it! then, also, "our" kid from Vargas, Philip, was the real sensation of the day. he took out Regis Bouron, Levi Siver and Alex Mussolini, and only lost to the master Victor Fernández. A lot of the friends from Vargas were there and we were all soooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! still the double elimination to come, so it is not over yet!

I have a litle video on the www.boardseeker.com magazine website. check it out. i hope you like it!!!!! (really cool magazine, loads of video and cool stuff, you should join it!)