lunes, 27 de octubre de 2008


I arrived last night to Maui, after quite a few hours flying!... It feels sooooo nice.... I love this place: the smell, the peace, the ocean, the views, everything! it makes me feel really good. plus we are staying in an amazing place this time, in Tatiana's mum place, which is super nice (will put some pics soon...).
We didnt expected any wind at all today, but for some reason, it got a bit windy and with some swell, and we could get out and sail a bit just to get the blood pumping a bit and loose the body from the hours sitting on the plane, it made me really good!!! the water was so warm... i love it. I hadnt been here in a year as i couldnt come in spring because of the foot, so I really missed it!
Plus there was a lot of friends on the water and out of it, and it was so good to see them again!!!!
I forgot the camera, so i cant put any pics up, but i will take some shots soon....
Hope you are all well!!!!!