jueves, 4 de diciembre de 2008


We are just about to leave Maui. It has been so good this time. We didnt have any wind this last days, but it has been pretty windy all the time, so it was good to have some glassy surfing to finished off. Yesterday it was pretty massive in the end, with Jaws breaking, but you can always find somewhere where the swell doesnt hit so hard. Today we had a super fun session aswell, with Annita, Lucía, and also Anne-Marie and Tiffany, so the chics were in charge of the break!!!! at the end, i took my water camera out and we played around a bit just on the inside of the bay... so fun! ;-))))))))) well, now we go back home, it is also good. we will keep you posted!!!! all the best wishes to all!!!!