sábado, 7 de marzo de 2009


The good: it was windy and wavy.
The bad: day 1 i couldnt hold onto my sail I was sooo over powered. Ended up getting washed and dinged my board in 3 places.
day 2 the wind dropped, i crash on the rock 3 times, whacked my foot really hard and dinged my board one more time.
but it is all good.

After I arrived home tuesday morning, I had a few days off. I was knackered! but then it was pretty windy and i couldnt handle being at home not sailing. yesterday was beyond windy!!!! on 3,3 fully overpowered. The boys were on their 3,7s, so that means windy! and today, there was still good swell around, but the wind dropped completely pretty early. The weather was pretty weird an that is not good for here. after i packed my gear, we decided to go for a drive up to the mountains. It has been a super good winter in terms of rain, so it was all nice and green. and it is such a contrast from being at the beach all day, that we really enjoyed! Gran Canaria is so beautiful!!!!

thanks Fernando Sanchez (www.ffotosports.com) for the pic and John Skye for filming (from where i took the frames from).