martes, 3 de marzo de 2009


I am finally home!!!!!! it has been a great trip. the last week i was invited to go to Morocco for a Festival of music and sport, together with other windsurfers, surfers, longboarders and kiters. It was a great new experience. We stayed in "Haima" camps. Inever did anything like this before, so it was super cool. I was staying with Anne Mary (Reichmann), Karin (Jaggi), Valentina Crugnola and Marion Raisi, along wth a lot of other people (actually i met a lot of really nice people!!!!). We had a really good time together with the Women from Dakhla and teach them a bit of sailing and SUP, and they teach us about the Henna tatoos (i dont know how to write Henna? is that correct? Henna?? well.. you know what i mean....), their games and their lifes.

We were not very lucky with the wind, but we had awsome glassy surfing days and some windsurfing also in really light wind the last two days, but pretty fun sessions! actually it was a good break from the strong winds from Oz.

I am pretty tired now, but hopefully will have a good night sleep and rest well, as the forecast is looking good for the next few days!!!!