lunes, 29 de junio de 2009


I arrived here in Lanzarote yesterday, as i decided to do the freestyle competition again this year (last year couldnt come, remember? the foot... two years since i last was here and it feels like yesterday!!!!!) I passed by Fuerteventura on my way here and I enjoyed two days with my brother and friends from there. it was sooooooo nice!!!! It was perfect because there were no waves or wind, so I could chill at the beach and rest and charge the batteries!!!

Everyone is here already in Lanzarote. It has been super quite but now the wind seems like it is turning back to normal direction and we will have some good conditions for the event for sure.

In the girls fleet some new young girls have joined the tour and it is really cool to see young new faces! it will be a good comp!!! and i think in the boys we will see a good comp as well with Gollo, Brawzinho, Kiri, Taty, and the new Belgium guy that is doing to well in the European tour! we will see!!!

I will try to keep you updated!!!