martes, 7 de julio de 2009


Hello! and sorry for not updating much during Lanzarote, but it was difficult to be online there without the risk of getting your computer full of dust and sand.
Most of you have all read all the reports from the event, so i am not really going to tell you anything new, just my point of view. It was a great event, we had wind every day, sometime too much! i sailed in heats with all my sails from 4,7 down to 3,3, so I think it was a very fair competition for everyone!. Sarah Quita is definitely another league ahead from everyone in freestyle. Plus she is such a nice humble girl! Congratulations Sarah!! I was so impressed by Junko. well, I sailed with her a bit in Maui and back then I knew she would do good. She was so motivated with the freestyle. she would train every day in Maui for hours... so I think she really deserved to do well. Daida sailed super well as well, plus the days with big waves and really strong wind were perfect for her to mix her freestyle with her amazing jumping. Then Laure was a bit unlucky to be honest. Things didnt really go her way. I think she is one of the best freestylers on the Tour but she was just a bit unlucky. Same than Yoli actually. Then it was me on the list, so I am happy. Last year I gave up freestyle due to the foot but this year I thought i would take it back a bit. I had trained a little bit in the winter (just a little bit!), but I am far, far from the girls ahead in freetyle. Then Iballa and Silvia also did well, but our motivation for freestyle is not very high at the moment. Olya, Xenia and Malina, are the "new girls on the freestyle tour" (Although only Xenia is actually new). they have been all winter training in Freestyle spots and they have improved a lot from last year. next year i will have to work my arse off if I want to finish ahead of them!!!

Now Pozo is just about to start on Friday and it looks like we will be able to compete straight away!!!! fingers crossed for good conditions and good luck!!!!

Pics Thanks to JC and the PWA

I hope everyone is having a good summer!!!