sábado, 18 de julio de 2009


What a week. Pozo just finished. You know normally I update and write a lot here in the blog... well... today and about Pozo, I dont really feel much like it. In shorts: I did third in the single elimination, was quite happy, but didnt want to be happy or put it up in the blog to not curse myself for the double. The double came. I sailed well, but I lost on a split decision, so dropped to fourth. So I am a broken girl. I hope I will be more chirpy in a few days (I am sure I will...!) and will update more. Now, off to Fuerte in a couple of days. hopefully will get some wavesailing before the Freestyle starts. PS: sic sailing today: down the line with solid logo high waves and 3,3... love this sport... AAAAND... massive congrats to Philip, our little kid from Vargas, and to Victor... they were just amazing yesterday in the final.