jueves, 6 de agosto de 2009


I love this place, I love this sport, I love my equipment, i just love it!!
Today I had pretty awesome day as well... it is soooo nice just sailing as you want... not worrying about saving yourself not to get injured, or too tired, or training, or anything.... just do what you feel!!! we had an early session today as well (not too early to be honest!) , and it was so worth it! 3,3 nicely powered up, nice size waves (head high on the good sets) and just a few friends on the water... and my equipment feels just amazing!!! i have never really been much of a jumper, but now, with my new sails, I just cant get enough.... and my twin fin... it is just amazing for riding... I cant wait to tomorrow.. but the forecast says it will be a lo stronger, what is not nice, and a lot bigger, what is nice if the wind is not too crazy... we'll see!