domingo, 9 de agosto de 2009


I had a diiferent weekend this last one. We have had some awesome condtions last week here, and I could sail until saturday lunch time. loads of fun.. some good waves.... but I had to join some of my non-windsurf girlfriends in one of my best friends hen-night (i dont know how to write that word??) who's getting married soon. we went to this Mega Pimp hotel (proper PIMP). it was pretty fun. It was everything amazing and we had quite a good fun. Saturday was easy, as i sailed in the morning so it was ok... but on sunday, we were staying also in the hotel for the whole day.. and that was the hard part. I knew the sailing was going off, but i could not really go.... men!!!! it is so weird to be like a normal people!!!! they pretty much love to do nothing... and i cant stand it for more than a day... it was good fun cause it was for my best friends and it was quite special, we dont have many times when we can all be together, so it was cool.. but i could not imagine myself doing that every weekend!!!! we are sooo lucky we do what we do!!!!! tomorrow the forecast looks still pretty good.. so i can sail all i could not today!!!!! :-)))

Here you have some frame-grabs from Vargas... this day was a bit light on the inside so it was pretty rubbish for jumping, but pretty good for riding!!!