jueves, 27 de agosto de 2009


Man! I sailed like a total kook today. the weekend was awesome and even yesterday I kind of had fun and landed a few things. so I was expecting it to be fun today, but I wasnt in the zone or whatever you want to call it. and I was just crashing... I couldnt think straight on the water. plus there was like over a million people on the water!!!!!!!!!! and, because I am not very clever sometimes, instead of call it a day, come in and go for a coffee and read my book, I stayed out for over two hours trying to change the session into a good one. noway. the more I crashed, the more annoyed I got and the more I wanted to keep trying to improve. totally wrong. believe me, when that happens, come in... dont keep going. now I am dead, cause I sailed for way too long... ay, ay, ay... when will i learn.... oh well.... tomorrow I will try not to sail to breath a bit... and hey!!!! some good news!!! Sylt is back for the girls!!! we didnt know if we would have the event for us the girls or not, and in the end we do!!!