jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2009


The new Severne site is up with all the new sails for 2010. Like always, great stuff coming! like my beloved SWAT! check it out! on Severnesails.com

And about me? well, still struggling with mu bloody shoulder that doesnt let me sail properly. today it was fun in Pozo. I had an early session in the morning, but I was pretty overpowered on 3,3 and you need to use all you strength to sail well when is like this. so I didnt, i had fun, but wasnt my best. but i did something when i came off the water and actually tonight feels a lot better...aaaaaaayyyyy.... I know that it is all my fault, I mean, what I have will get better just by having some proper few weeks of rest.. but who can rest when it is windy all the time and some fun waves? i cant!

This is the new look of the website: