viernes, 2 de octubre de 2009


It was a very intense day yesterday here in Sylt. We started at 7:15 in the morning. It was dark when I walked to the beach to start preparing my gear. It was fully windy and wavy, and as the minutes passed the waves were getting bigger and bigger. It was super on-shore, with a little bit of starboardtack on it, the current was super strong and the shorebreak really hard. Quite challenging. Johny (Skyeboy) finished 4th!!! And beating the two times World Champion Kauli Seadi on his way!!!!!!!!!! And also great day for Musso! He won! Big congrats!!! And also to Antoine and Josh for sure!

I finished fourth, so I am happy and not happy. I tell you why:

I am really happy because I landed a nice pushloop on startboardtack! So I was quite please with that. and also, because I had one of those special moments: in my second heat I tried to get out, but after 100 m and another 100 dragged by the current I got killed by the shore break and I ended up swimming after my gear and getting pounded on the shorebreak. When I arrived to the beach I was about a mile down-wind from the competition area and it was less than 1 minute to start the heat. I thought that that was it, it was over. But then I questioned myself: ok, I have two options here, or give up totally, or just try again and harder even if it is an impossible mission. And I was very happy that my decision was to try again: I passed the shore break and I was so far down!! but as it was so on shore I could make it back up wind and still had 9 minutes to go.
But on the other hand, I was quite sad I did fourth and not third, and again with Karin! I was winning the heat until the last minute. Being so hard to get out of the shore break the general technique is to stay outside and wait for the last wave to ride it all the way until the inside. And that was my plan. it all went right until in the last wave, when I was going to ride it frontside on the beach, I span out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! men!!!! Now I think about it and want to kill myself!!! Ahhhhh… oh well…. Still the double elimination!! The forecast is insane.. if yesterday it was hard core…. On the weekend it will be hell!!!! And ye… again I am shitting my pants!!! It will be beyond hard core! Iballa did first and Daida second… congrats to them as well…